To provide more customers with new and innovative solutions, Aware Innovations has partnered with Ring Power Utility Equipment to offer a groundbreaking product known as ItemAware to increase compliance and productivity while reducing losses. Read more below to learn more about this partnership.

Testimonials speak volumes. At Aware Innovations, we are always excited to share how our innovative software has revolutionized the asset tracking and inventory management fields. Although you have heard about how our modern technology can transform your tool tracking processes from us, we want you to hear it from a client’s perspective. For this reason, we are dedicating this month’s blog post to highlighting a customer’s experience using ItemAware.

To begin, we will briefly define what ItemAware is as well as outline the benefits of implementing this cutting-edge technology. Once a clear understanding of product features has been established, we will share an insider’s experience using our intuitive software.

Continue reading to learn about ItemAware’s uses as well as how our asset tracking software has greatly impacted Concurrent’s bottom line.

What is ItemAware?

ItemAware is a unique tool and asset tracking system that uses RFID and other technologies to tag tools or other items and pair them with a beacon location (truck, shed, jobsite, etc.). The ItemAware app is then used to see each item’s location and last-seen status in real time. Clicking on individual items gives the user a detailed history of the item including locations, manufacturer and more.

See the graphic below to view exactly how assets are tracked within ItemAware’s app.

asset tracking on ItemAware app

ItemAware prioritizes precision. Tools located just outside a truck or on a job site will not be listed as being on the truck. The ability to know the exact location of equipment cuts down on time spent looking for tools as well as the cost of replacing tools that aren’t actually lost.

Compliance isn’t an area you want to overlook. Failure to remain OSHA compliant can result in significant financial penalties as well as unwanted legal issues for your company. Prevent these fines by allowing ItemAware to aid in keeping safety-related gear current with inspections – an important aspect of compliance in the utility industry.

Accounting for items regularly helps prevent loss while simultaneously allowing for smoother transitions between shifts. With ItemAware, we give you the power and visibility to make intelligent decisions by providing improved process, supply chain and asset visibility through innovative and modern solutions. This enables automated data collection, analysis, and notification – subsequently giving you the flexibility and knowledge required to make informed business decisions.

Ring Power Utility Equipment and Their Relationship with Concurrent Group

Ring Power Utility Equipment is a proud dealer for Terex Utilities along with other premier manufacturers of utility equipment such as Patriot Equipment, Spiradrill, Vac-Con, Brooks Brothers, Palfinger, Skylift, Prinoth, Manitex and National Crane. Ring Power also offers full parts and service on all makes and models of utility equipment, as well as a full range of utility industry tools. Ring Power Utility Equipment’s mission statement is, “[t]o provide innovative solutions at the highest standard through honest and professional relationships.”

Ring Power Utility Equipment began a pilot program last year with South Florida utility contractor, Concurrent Group.

Concurrent’s Experience with ItemAware

Did you know that tool loss in the utility industry is estimated at 30% annually, a value of approximately $900,000,000? Since adopting the ItemAware technology, Concurrent has seen a marked decrease in lost tool assets. Our intuitive software has helped Concurrent reduce asset bleed by giving their fleet managers more control and visibility of tools and equipment in real time.

See the graphic below to view the manager’s screen in the ItemAware app.

asset tracking itemaware management view

A representative from Concurrent Group described just how ItemAware has revolutionized the company’s ability to track essential tools and equipment.

“As they move around from truck to truck, we’re able to hold those accountable that had borrowed a tool, but also reduce the amount of tools that we’re replacing,” said Steve Sarno, VP Power Delivery and Principle at Concurrent Group, “This was the first system that worked.”

Steve Sarno also went on to say, “After implementing the system [ItemAware], I found $175,000 of duplicate tools.” This huge cost savings has not only allowed Concurrent Group to protect their bottom line but has also given them the ability to focus on their most profitable goals.

With the success of the pilot program at Concurrent, Aware Innovations and Ring Power Utility Equipment have begun pilot program discussions with two other major utility contractors in the state of Florida.

Mike Beauregard, Senior Vice President and Director of Utilities, Crane and Truck at Ring Power Corporation, describes ItemAware as “technology [that] far surpasses anything major that has come to the industry in a while.”

Concurrent further noted the ease of software installation. Because we know that you don’t have time to waste waiting, our team of qualified professionals work around the clock to ensure that you have the software in place when you need it most.

Click here to watch a short video that further highlights Concurrent’s seamless experience both implementing and actively using ItemAware.

ItemAware – Never Lose Track of Your Assets Again

This success story is just one of many that prove the value of our asset tracking and inventory management system, ItemAware.

At Aware Innovations, we believe in delivering a product that not only works well but also far exceeds the capabilities of other software products on the market. Our modern, intuitive software allows you to predict issues, reduce theft and flag items that need repair before they interrupt your work cycle. Think of the time you would save if you could eliminate the need for manual asset tracking.

We are here to help you. Get started today by requesting a free 30-minute demo with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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