The Dayton Business Journal recently released an article highlighting the key benefits of Aware Innovations’ groundbreaking automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) software, ItemAware. This article also spoke to the rapid growth Aware Innovations has been experiencing as more clients discovered uses as well as the cost-savings benefits of our innovative technology.

Continue reading to learn more about the history and future of Aware Innovation’s robust software, ItemAware.

A Brief History

Aware Innovations, founded in 2021, employs a team of 15 people with 50 years of combined experience in the IT industry. Our company originally began as an IT contracting company, Evanhoe and Associates, that primarily served the government sector. Eventually, Evanhoe and Associates discovered a unique opportunity for innovation in the field of AIDC and began specializing in this field. A new inventive software known as ItemAware was developed by our team to meet the growing asset tracking and inventory management needs across several industries.

Aware Innovations was born out of Evanhoe and Associates and began doing business earlier this year. The parent company, focused on providing IT services to the government sector, was ultimately sold as was the building that held the company’s previous headquarters.

A Future Worth Working For

Our history is a solid foundation that has prepared our team for the next steps in Aware Innovations future.

Chuck Evanhoe, President and CEO of Aware Innovations, stated, “[w]e’re poised for what we hope will be explosive growth because we are solving a unique set of problems. [i]t’s a huge market.”

In preparation for this growth, Aware Innovations has recently moved our headquarters to a 4,000 square foot facility in West Carrollton. Our new expansive office space even allows our team to test the capabilities of our asset tracking software within our building.

AIDC industry headquarters
Aware Innovations recently moved to a 4,000 square foot facility in West Carrollton, Ohio.

There are seemingly endless profitable opportunities in the AIDC industry but what makes ItemAware unique in its offerings? Our modern software continually outperforms our competition because our team has been meticulous in evaluating the use cases for AIDC software and has designed our technology to solve the distinctive challenges faced by several industries.

Continue reading to learn more about who is using ItemAware as well has how our tool tracking and inventory management software has revolutionized the AIDC industry.

The Who and Why Behind ItemAware

In case you missed it, last month’s blog post was dedicated solely to highlighting a customer’s experience using ItemAware. We believe our customer’s experiences are important to share because they speak to the real-world benefits gained from implementing our software.

Listed below is a brief synopsis of the client testimonial shared last month.

Ring Power Utility Equipment began a pilot program last year with South Florida utility contractor, Concurrent Group. Concurrent Group then partnered with our team of experts to meet their tool tracking and inventory management needs. Since adopting ItemAware, Concurrent has reduced their asset bleed by significantly decreasing the number of tools and equipment lost.

Additional benefits Concurrent discovered by using ItemAware include:

  • Their fleet managers have become empowered by their level of control and visibility to track equipment in real time.
  • Employees are now held accountable for lost or misplaced tools since ItemAware tracks the last known location of assets.
  • After implementing ItemAware, Concurrent found $175,000 of duplicate tools. This cost savings helped the company re-focus their budget on much more profitable goals.
  • The ease of software implementation allowed Concurrent to get back to focusing on the job at hand.

Click here to watch a short video that further highlights Concurrent’s seamless experience both implementing and actively using ItemAware.

ItemAware: The Exact AIDC Solution You Have Been Looking For

You’ve heard about the substantial benefits of ItemAware from a client perspective but now it’s time for our team to share what makes us proud to boast in our modern technology.


Firstly, ItemAware is fully customizable to meet your exact needs. Our robust software isn’t just meant for large corporations.  With ItemAware, size really doesn’t matter. Big or small, our software is capable of growing with you and your needs.


We know that you don’t have time to be stuck inside of your office all day, so we made our technology mobile friendly. Because life is always on-the-go, ItemAware is fully functional on your phone and works on both iOS and Android operating systems.


Who has time for virtual “hiccups”? We know you don’t – you have much more important tasks that don’t involve waiting on your technology to cooperate. At ItemAware, we perform rigorous testing and continual maintenance to ensure our software is always reliable when you need it most.

Easy to Use

There are few things worse than implementing a new technology only to be met with a giant learning curve. Trust us – our intuitive design and clear prompts will have you and your team back to work faster than you can imagine.

Safety Prioritized

We believe that your personal information is only yours to keep. Because of this, ItemAware includes security measures that allow you to rest easier at night.

Technology Agnostic Software

Our software is technology agnostic – it can work with whatever tech is best for your requirements. This means we can help you determine which technology is right for your use case: Internet of Things (IoT), RFID, GPS, Barcodes, Ultra-Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth (BLE) or Wi-Fi.

What Are You Waiting For?

You now know how our company has evolved as well as the plans we are laying to ensure a bright and innovative future. Let us help you solve your complex tool tracking and inventory management challenges. Get started today by requesting a free 30-minute demo with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

We cannot wait to partner with you and your team to make your tool tracking and inventory management challenges a thing of the past.

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