ItemAware is the asset tracking and item management solution that will last for the entirety of your assets’ lifecycle. Continue reading to learn how ItemAware can be the solution you need to track your assets from cradle to grave.

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You’ve heard us say it before – time is money. No one should be expected to spend valuable resources on implementing an asset tracking and item management solution that is only applicable during its infancy. Wouldn’t you rather invest in a software that will grow with your business as opposed to regularly overhauling your technology as your needs evolve?

We’ve spent years developing our software to track items and all the associated lifecycle events, from induction to disposal, cradle to grave. This includes location changes, inspections, maintenance, calibration, and who’s touched the assets over its life.

Big or small, our technology will grow alongside your business’s ever evolving needs. Don’t pick a solution that only works for today’s minimum requirements. We encourage you to have the forethought to consider where you want your business to go and choose a software that is compatible with your goals.

Continue reading to learn how ItemAware’s adaptable software grows with your progressing needs while extending the longevity of the tools you have on hand. 

Needs Change. Your Asset Tracking and Item Management Solution Doesn’t Have To.

You should never feel restricted by your asset tracking and item management software. Your goal is to grow your business and that’s exactly what ItemAware will help you do. 

Our team of experts has designed our modern technology to be scalable. This means that your company’s size has no impact on the benefits you will see by using ItemAware. 

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We get it – you have a lot of “stuff”. Wondering if your company may be too large for ItemAware to handle? Don’t think twice about it. You can rest easier knowing that our software is currently serving the US Patent and Trademark Office by tracking 130K items and saving $1.2M annually

Inspection, Maintenance, and Calibration Matters.

For many companies, their assets are the backbone of their entire business. Extend the longevity of your assets by allowing our robust software to remind you of critical inspection, maintenance, and calibration requirements while helping to ensure misplaced items are easily found. Without these critical items, normal operations could not move forward. 

For the utility and construction industries, not only are tools a requirement for most businesses, but they are generally not easily or affordably replaceable, especially considering current supply chain disruptions. 

Tools and equipment, like almost every other product in life, require regular maintenance to extend usability. It is no secret that assets can quickly lose their functionality if not properly cared for. But keeping track of inspection, maintenance, and calibration deadlines for every piece of equipment can be a full-time job all on its own. Most businesses don’t have the time or staffing available to dedicate to keeping fully updated maintenance records – but who can afford not to? Partner with us so that we can help take the headache out of this tedious task. 

ItemAware can track your inspection, calibration, and maintenance due dates conveniently within our app. You should not have to search through piles of paperwork in hopes of reminding yourself of when your equipment was last serviced. ItemAware allows you to setup service alerts that will automatically remind you of critical due dates. How much time and stress would you save by eliminating the need to recall maintenance records?

Inspection, maintenance, and calibration are critical, and compliance is non-negotiable. Worker compensation settlements are both costly and time consuming. Your cost of doing business should not include an expensive settlement. Keep your workers safe and protect your bottom line by using our software to stay up to date on all your important maintenance and compliance needs. 

Investing in ItemAware allows you to extend the durability and lifespan of your tools while making certain that your team always has the equipment they need to get the job done right the first time. We are confident that you will see the benefits of using our robust software for years to come. Don’t let a mediocre product limit the amount of business you can take on. Instead, invest in ItemAware so that you can confidently take on new business without the worry of broken or misplaced tools

Don’t Let Human Error Be What You Are Counting On.

Whether or not you realize it, you are relying on something. If you aren’t proactive about your asset tracking and item management solution, then what you are likely counting on is human error. 

Manual tracking and updating item information is both time-consuming and prone to mistakes, resulting in lost time, effort, and money. ItemAware changes that story by automating the process. 

One of our clients reiterates this concept by saying, “[w]ith automated asset tracking and management, we can spend less time thinking about where things are and more time planning for future requirements.” – Tom King PMP, Office of Administrative Services, US Patent & Trademark Office.

Did you know the utility industry estimates a 30% annual loss rate of tools: i.e., upwards of $900,000,000 “lost” items annually? If you know what inventory you have then you can better keep track of items when they are misplaced. ItemAware allows your assets to be fully traceable – meaning that our technology will keep a history of the item’s current and last known locations. Don’t replace items that aren’t truly lost simply because you don’t have a platform to track your assets’ location. 

We Are Here to Help.

The lifecycle of an asset can be extended if you have the appropriate technology in place. ItemAware is the exact software you have been looking for to save wasted effort, time, and money spent on unnecessarily replacing equipment prematurely. Our team of experts can help tailor our cutting-edge product to meet your needs while giving you the flexibility to grow with future business. 

We are here to help you. Get started today by requesting a free 30-minute demo with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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