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The Tool Tracking Solution You Need

“Work truck” is a generic term that describes a wide range of vehicles used for daily business operations including fire trucks, utility vehicles, telecommunication trucks, and gas trucks. Although the capabilities and purposes of each vehicle varies, the cruciality of asset tracking remains the same. Without proper equipment on board, each vehicle operator lacks the essential tools they need to get their job done correctly, without untimely delays.

ItemAware, Aware Innovations’ modern asset tracking software, is agile, offering the flexibility you need to seamlessly integrate into your work trucks – no matter how big or small your fleet is. If you have essential equipment that you need to keep track of, we have the solution you need to ensure that your tools never get lost again.

Continue reading to learn how Aware Innovations’ revolutionary technology is compatible with fire trucks, utility vehicles, telecommunication trucks, and gas trucks.

Fires Don’t Wait for Lost Tools to be Found

firetruck work truck

Firefighters depend on their tools to keep themselves as well as their communities safe during cases of emergency. It is easy to understand how essential, lifesaving equipment such as radios, flashlights, and specialized rescue tools can be mistakenly misplaced while firefighters work to restore order in emergency situations. However, as firemen head back to the fire station, they deserve to have the peace of mind knowing that every tool made it back on their truck and is ready for the next time they need it.

ItemAware goes to work on firetrucks by tracking each asset, providing the last known location of even the smallest, most easily misplaced tools. Our robust technology prioritizes safety by ensuring that firefighters always have the right tools, in the right place, at the right time. Aware Innovations’ intuitive asset tracking software offers the peace of mind firemen need to feel confident that they have the tools required to safely do their job while protecting their communities.

Fighting fires is mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting. Firemen shouldn’t be expected to spend additional time and energy searching for tools that have been misplaced during and after an accident. ItemAware takes this burden off firefighters by automatically housing a log of tool locations readily available within our intuitive app. This perceptive feature eliminates the possibility of human error, allowing firemen to get the rest they need back at the fire station rather than expending even more energy searching for lost tools at the scene of the accident.

Utility and Telecommunications Equipment Aren’t Easily Replaceable

“After implementing the system [ItemAware], I found $175,000 of duplicate tools.” – Steve Sarno | VP of Power Delivery at Concurrent Group, Customer of RingPower

utility truck work truck

Utility contractors have better, more profitable ways to spend their money rather than replacing misplaced tools, especially if the equipment in question isn’t actually lost. Replacing missing tools is not only costly, but with recent supply chain disruptions, can be nearly impossible to obtain quickly. Companies can avoid this headache all together by implementing a modern asset tracking solution that takes the guesswork out of inventory management.

When the lights go out, citizens depend on linemen to restore the power quickly, without unnecessary delays. Time is essential, especially in cases where severe weather such as extreme cold fronts threaten the safety of community members. But how can these professionals effectively do this, if they tools required to get the job done efficiently, are lost on some long-forgotten jobsite?

In today’s world, people are connected 24/7. Telecommunication technicians make this possible by developing and maintaining communication systems. Out in the field, their work trucks become mobile workshops, housing their most important tools. But what happens when time is wasted, and profits are forfeited because industry experts are spending time searching for lost equipment?

ItemAware can solve this problem by effortlessly integrating into all work vehicles including fleets of bucket trucks and diggers. Our intuitive software allows industry professionals to effortlessly tag their assets, making each item conveniently trackable while listing appropriate status’ such as active, broken, in storage, etc. ItemAware also keeps every employee on the same page while enhancing personal accountability. Our easy-to-use asset log details who used what equipment last, answering questions that commonly slow down searches.

When Fuel Delivery Can’t Wait

Image from Reading Trucks

Gas truck drivers have a critical job to do. Without on time, uncomplicated delivery of fuel, gas stations wouldn’t be able to sell gasoline to patrons while construction worksites would come to a screeching halt. However, arriving on time is only half the battle. Gas truck operators not only need to get fuel transported safely, but they also need to have the required tools to get the gasoline off the truck and into its destination.

Drivers need convenient, dependable access to their essential equipment to get their job done both effectively and efficiently. A quick tool search in our intuitive app will answer any questions a gas truck operator may have surrounding the exact location of their equipment. ItemAware’s ability to pinpoint items on board gives drivers the confidence they need to head to their next delivery location, knowing that they have the equipment required to safely unload the fuel they are responsible for transporting.

ItemAware Seamlessly Integrates into All Work Trucks

Whether you work as a fireman or are employed in the utility, telecommunications, or gas industries, ItemAware is the asset tracking solution you need to keep track of your most important tools and equipment. From durable, easy-to-use tags to intuitive map views, our robust software has exactly what you need to ensure that you never misplace a tool again.

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