If you’re in Denver this week for GS1 Connect, don’t miss this special presentation by AIM!

AIDC in IoT:  Making “Things” Work
Thursday, June 20th | 9:30 – 10:00 AM | GS1 Standards & Solution Theatre

It’s almost second nature these days that billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things currently enable conveniences, learnings and insights so seamlessly that many do not realize the devices exist at all. However, just because it appears seamless doesn’t mean the technology we have come to rely on didn’t start with a solid foundation…or is not constantly evolving to make our world even better.

Join AIM’s industry experts to learn how AIDC standards and technologies enable the Internet of Things to proliferate and create efficiencies for business partners and consumers in everything from appliances to vehicles and major hospitals to entire cities.


  • Which standards are relevant to AIDC in IoT
  • How the GS1 structure fits into the IoT
  • The relationship of Blockchain to standards
  • The impact of standards on data carrier independence

Featured speakers

  • Jeanne Duckett | Manager, Technology Development | Avery Dennison
  • Chuck Evanhoe | President | Aware Innovations
  • Mary Lou Bosco | Chief Operating Officer | AIM, Inc.