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ItemAware’s Proven Worth is Evidenced by Partnerships

ItemAware is no longer just a “nice to have”. It’s making a real, measurable financial difference for companies just like yours. This blog illuminates this fact by highlighting our partnership with Ring Power Utility Equipment. Continue reading to learn how the adoption of our robust software has revolutionized our client’s tool tracking processes, saving them both time and money.

As product costs skyrocket, companies are searching for new innovative ways to protect their bottom lines. Rising inflation coupled with supply chain issues have made it more important than ever before to keep projects on time and in budget – and for many companies, these goals can only be met if their team has the tools they need on hand at the right time and in the right place.

At the touch of a button, Aware Innovations’ modern tool tracking software, ItemAware, guarantees that you will always have access to the last known location of your most important assets. This vital piece of information eliminates time wasted on searching for tools that aren’t actually lost, getting your team back to work without unnecessary delays. Additionally, it’s easy-to-use app design further encourages employee accountability by instantaneously providing you with precious data that depicts exactly who used each piece of equipment last.

Before we dig deeper into the benefits of ItemAware, we first want to introduce one of our trusted partners, whose use case will be the focus of this blog, Ring Power Utility Equipment.

Ring Power Utility Group: A Satisfied Customer

If you are in search of utility equipment and tools to get a tough, demanding job done right, Ring Power Utility Equipment is the first place you should look. This experienced company is a proud suppler of utility equipment made by Terex along with other premier manufacturers such as Vac-Con, Spiradrill, Elliott, Brooks Brothers, Manitex, National Crane, Prinoth and Palfinger. In addition to offering a wide range of utility machinery, Ring Power also sells utility line power tools and accessories.

There is much more we could share on this highly reputable company, but the primary focus of this article will be centered on Ring Power Utility Equipment’s pilot program with South Florida utility contractor, Concurrent Group.

A Success Story with Measurable Results

Did you know that tool loss in the utility industry is estimated at 30% annually, a value of approximately $900,000,000? A 30% loss is not a statistic to take lightly, nor is it one that your company has to fall victim to. In fact, Ring Power Utility Equipment has successfully distanced themselves from this startling figure by finding $175,000 of duplicate tools after investing in ItemAware. This major cost savings has allowed them to re-focus their attention on more profitable goals instead of wasting time and money replacing tools that didn’t actually need replacing.

It has been further shown that early adopters of our robust tool tracking software have seen cost savings of 20-30% fleetwide – a savings Ring Power is happy to have capitalized on. This company has taken full advantage of ItemAware’s wide range of asset tracking features, allowing them to not only benefit from significant cost savings but also a multitude of operational efficiencies. Our innovative software has gone to work tracking tools for Ring Power, ensuring that their crews have the right tools required to do their jobs efficiently.

To put it simply, Steve Sarno, VP Power Delivery and Principle at Concurrent Group, stated, “[t]his was the first system that worked”. Furthermore, Mike Beauregard, Senior Vice President and Director of Utilities, Crane and Truck at Ring Power Corporation, describes ItemAware as “technology [that] far surpasses anything major that has come to the industry in a while”.

Due to the high rate of success at Concurrent, Aware Innovations and Ring Power Utility Equipment have proudly begun pilot program discussions with two other major utility contractors in the state of Florida.

ItemAware – An Unmatched Asset Tracking Software

ItemAware far surpasses the capabilities of other tool and asset tracking systems currently available on the market. Its unique, intuitive features include the use of RFID and other technologies. These technologies are all utilized to tag equipment and pair them with a beacon location (truck, shed, jobsite, etc.). The ItemAware app is then used to see each item’s location and last-seen status in real time. By clicking on individual items, a user is given immediate access to a detailed history of the item including locations, manufacturer, status, and more.

ItemAware is automatic, meaning that it is continually scanning without the use of manual labor. Our asset tracking software has revolutionized the way companies keep track of their inventory due in part to its GPS functionality. ItemAware is always scanning to make certain that you know exactly where your tools are – whenever, wherever you need them. With ItemAware on your side, you can rest easier knowing that your inventory will never again be riddled with human error.

Due to its wide range of benefits that are applicable to a variety of markets and industries, the demand for Aware Innovations’ software has been increasing steadily. Chuck Evanhoe, President and CEO of Aware Innovations, stated, “[w]e’re poised for what we hope will be explosive growth because we are solving a unique set of problems. [i]t’s a huge market.” This is an exciting time to invest in ItemAware – and you can do so easily by contacting us today.

Tool Tracking with ItemAware is Just a Phone Call Away

You too can see the cost savings and operational efficiency benefits that Ring Power Equipment has been a part of. Get started today by requesting a free 30-minute demo with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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